Welcome to Mee a Bee

Going on an adventure or even just a stroll to the park? Shopping, playdates or meeting friends in a cafe. Dinner in a restaurant with nana and grandad. A visit to the doctor, dentist or just a quick dash to the supermarket.

Our lives are busier than ever and gone are the days of being able to leave the children home with a kindly neighbour. They go where you go. Getting them there and keeping them entertained is so easy when they have their own bag. Mee a Bee bags are great!

As busy as we are, parents are making family their number one priority. We are traveling, road trippin' or even just exploring our own cities with our kids. Enriching their lives with wonderful experiences whenever we can. Check my blog to see what adventures I take my kids on! That's them above, a few years ago when we were in New Zealand for Christmas. 

About the bags: Mee a Bee bags are sized to fit little people (2 - 4 years generally). The designs are non-commerical and imagination-inspiring. The fabrics are eco-friendly and non-toxic. All are made by hand in small batches, I sew them myself. That makes them very unique.

We're located in Japan and use only locally designed and made materials.

They are guaranteed to inspire bag-envy from the other parents on the playground.